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Identify Building Code Violations, Before Renters Do

Use a licensed and bonded building inspector for many reasons. First, they know what to look for and you may not, despite your research and diligence. Next, proper construction code inspector documentation may be obligatory by parties to a real estate transaction. Finally, if something goes wrong with the real estate transaction and you find yourself in conflict or lawsuit, you can trust on the inspection and the inspector should there be a building code violation issue.

Now if you are Landlord:

You don’t want your tenants to identify building code violations. If you have residential or commercial tenants on long-term leases, it is a good idea to have inspectors perform routine scheduled inspections, with proper notice given to tenants, here some of the most common Building violations;

Wrong-Way Smoke Detection

Bad Ledgering

Many Happy Handrail Returns

Junction Box Blues

Improper Bathroom Venting

Ducking Permits

Missing or defective GFCIs

Not Testing Older Materials for Asbestos and Lead

Adding a Basement Bedroom Without an Egress Window

Not Following Fence Height Requirements

Remember that for any correction in construction violations, be sure to contact a licensed, insurance and bonded contractor, in these cases it is better not to take unnecessary risks, so contact only reliable General Contractors and have a good reputation in the city.

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